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Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: Casilda gets huge news! Plus, Lucía can’t make up her mind…




Univision Mujer de Nadie spoilers reveal Lucía Arizmendi Díaz (Livia Brito) has a change of heart. Meanwhile, there will be two big moments involving Casilda Gómez (María Penella), but they’re likely not good news. Plus, Fernando Ortega Ibarra (Marcus Ornellas) has had enough. Here’s what you need to know.

Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: Money problems

First, Mujer de Nadie spoilers reveal Carlos Ortega Ibarra (Luis Arrieta) isn’t playing around. Last time, he made a big scene in front of his family as he accused Alfredo Terán (Arap Bethke) of stealing from him. Pretty hypocritical, considering everyone now knows he stole from the family company. However, he’s not going to just let this go. He’ll confront Alfredo again tonight, demanding he return his money. We seriously see a lot of mess coming from this, considering his sister was just talking about her engagement to Alfredo before Carlos went off on him. We wonder if mom knows her darling daughter is the true thief.

Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: Big news

Elsewhere, there’s big news for Casilda tonight. Apparently, Gabino Illescas (Enrique Singer) reveals to Isaura Henderson de Arizmendi (Cynthia Klitbo) what happened to Casilda’s mother. We’re assuming this news could be great blackmail material against Alejandra Madrigal de Horta (Azela Robinson). We’ll see if she’ll go for the big payday, or stick it to Alejandra and tell Casilda. Either way could prove profitable for her. If everything actually belongs to Casilda, we’re sure this move would put Isaura in Casilda’s good graces.

As for Casilda, she thinks she is pregnant. We’re not seeing this as good news for her after what happened with Leonardo (Ignacio Tahhan). She basically told him she’s done when he tried to apologize. Unless, of course, she’s trying to make him suffer a bit before accepting his apology. Then, this could prove to be advantageous to her.

Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: I’m out

As for Fernando, Mujer de Nadie spoilers reveal he wants to sell his shares. We don’t blame him, but here’s the problem—he’s blaming the wrong guy for Roxana Vázquez de López (Carmen Aub). Which, of course, led to big problems with Lucía. So, he destroyed a friendship and partnership, all while handing over his dream to the real culprit.

Univision Mujer de Nadie Spoilers: Change of heart

Finally, Lucía was beyond done last time. She didn’t want to hear a word of Fernando’s excuses for that incident at the hotel. Tonight, however, it seems she’ll listen to all the voicemails he left her and come to a different conclusion. That was fast, but it seems typical of her. This will lead her to confront Roxana and issue a strong warning. After, she’ll go and get her man back. We’re not sure how we feel about that, given the mess this relationship can be.

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