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I Love a Mama’s Boy: Viewers CRINGE As Ethan Weisman Has Very Sexy Moment with His Mom Esther; “This Is Disturbing”

This new season of I Love a Mama’s Boy has been pretty creepy already. The relationships between mothers and sons on the show has made viewers cringe and in the latest episode, we can see why.

I Love a Mama’s Boy: Sexy Dancing With His Mother

When it comes to being close, Ethan Weisman  and Esther Weisman are at the top of the list. On the latest episode of I Love a Mama’s Boy, the mother-son duo really made some viewers cringe. They were rehearsing a dance for an upcoming wedding and it got a little weird. In fact, there was even some spanking involved and that threw us all for a loop.

I Love a Mama’s Boy: Son Has Very Sexy Moment with His Mother and Viewers Cringe

Esther told the cameras that “the mother and son dance is very important.” Ethan felt as if the mother-son dance should be done to Marvin Gaye’s, Sexual Healing. Of course, Esther loves the song too, so she just couldn’t say no to her son. She added, “Ethan wants to dance to Sexual Healing. I said, ‘Make it memorable.'”

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more awkward, his fiancé, Leyna Rosen goes into the area where they are practicing the dance. She hears Ethan tell his mother, “dance on me. Like, grind on me.” This really takes Leyna back a bit. She looks very confused about what is happening with her fiancé and future mother-in-law.

Leyna tells the cameras, “It’s hard to ignore because it looks like they’re more together than we are, but it’s something I’ve gotten used to.” Viewers aren’t quite sure why Leyna puts up with her fiancé acting the way that he does with his mother. This dance is incredibly odd and the want that they act together is not exactly appropriate for a mother and son.

Will this dance happen at their wedding or will Leyna put her foot down about how weird it is for Ethan to act this way with his mother? If you are ready to see some really odd behaviors, I Love a Mama’s Boy is the show to watch! These mother-son duos have gained quite the following and some of their actions are just too much to handle.

There are other duos, just like Ethan and Esther who will turn heads too. These couples are too close for comfort and we cannot wait to see what happens next. Make sure to tune into I Love a Mama’s Boy on TLC and streaming on Discovery+.



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