I Love A Mama’s Boy: Huge Tension Between Shekeb, Emily and Laila Is Making Things Worse

In case you missed it, the new episode of I Love a Mama’s Boy was pretty interesting. There has been a lot of tension between Shekeb and Emily and his mother, Laila, isn’t helping matters at all.

I Love A Mama’s Boy: What Happened?

Emily was curious about Laila’s actions when she set up her son on a date with a woman named Wegma. She felt as if there may be a connection between her and Laila and Emily learned some interesting news when they met up. Wegma was under the impression that Shekeb was single because of his mother setting them up on a date.

I Love A Mama’s Boy: What Happened On the Last Episode?

Emily doesn’t believe her and thinks that Laila is actually trying to split them up. Wegma also mentioned that she doesn’t think Emily is the best match for Shekeb. Later on in the episode, the couple decides that they should go work out with Wegma. Emily notices how Shekeb acts around her and she gets very upset.

Ethan and Leyna also have some issues that they need to get through and we will see some tension grow here as well. Ethan’s mother, Esther tells him that she wants to go to Leyna’s bachelorette party. That is the last thing that Leyna wants though. This has made her incredibly uncomfortable. Her own mother isn’t coming so why should Esther?

Tre and Abbey are dealing with his mother, Lorenda, and her controlling ways too. Abbey told her that she doesn’t need to come to their house as much as she used to and that made Lorenda very upset. When Lorenda talked to her best friend about it, she told Lorenda that she needs to take a step back from her son’s relationship.

When Tre takes Abbey out for her birthday, Lorenda ends up finding out where they are going and she shows up. Then she starts spoon-feeding her son at the table. Abbey gets so mad and asks his mother what she thinks she’s doing. Lorenda tells Abbey that she had her time with Tre and now it’s his mother’s turn.

There is even more drama brewing with Robert and Kristy too. His mother, Nancy, told him that he needs to get a paternity test for his children because she doesn’t believe that he is the father. He is so tired of his mother acting this way and finally has started to put his foot down.

These mothers are really causing a stir and it looks like it will only get worse. Watch I Love a Mama’s Boy on TLC.


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