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90 Day Fiancé UK: Victoria Finds Sean, Her Japanese Prince

Victoria is part of one of the couples on 90 Day Fiancé UK. She is pretty much obsessed with Japanese culture and that is why she wanted to meet a Japanese man and fall in love with him. This is where Sean comes in.

90 Day Fiancé UK: Victoria’s Obsession

Victoria is so obsessed with the Japanese culture that she even learned to speak the language. She lives in England but has a love for the Japanese. She met Sean online and he is coming to the UK to see if they can make the relationship work.

90 Day Fiancé UK: Victoria Finds Sean, Her Japanese Prince

She loves the way he dresses and his profile picture really got her interested. She thought it looked really young. She thought he was 31, but he is actually 42. He didn’t lie about his age, he just didn’t want to tell her his age. They play Pokemon Go together during their day.

Just from her introduction, we have seen a lot of red flags and it does seem as Sean likes to hide things from her. She feels that he is so important to her and she wants to talk to him every second of every day. She describes him as “a man of mystery.” She told the cameras that he never really tells her the whole story. Does she not see the problem with this?

Victoria seems too sweet to get hooked on this man who won’t even tell her his real age. There are other lingering red flags in their relationship that we have heard in the rumors as well. She will find out that he has been married, something that he has not told her. He tries to tell her that he got divorced before they met, but she has a feeling that he is lying about that too.

Another thing that Victoria doesn’t know about Sean is where he works and what he does for a living. She knows that he has a job, but he has never let her in on what it is. This seems so strange, especially for someone you want to spend your life with.

Will Victoria’s obsession with the Japanese culture get the best of her and will she get hurt by Sean? There just seem to be one too many red flags coming off of him and we’re afraid that she will get too deep into this relationship and it will be too late for her.

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