’90 Day Fiancé UK’ Spoilers: Couples that might be trouble on 90 day fiancé UK

Whenever one makes predictions about a season of television, one has to realize that one could be wrong, and in this case one desperately hopes that we are wrong about these couples, but sometimes you see a relationship and see the writing on the wall from the very beginning and think that maybe, just maybe this pairing wasn’t meant to stand the test of time.

This revelation comes without shade, because no relationship starts out with any guarantees, however these are sending up red flags kind of early and we’ll just have to see how the rest of the season plays out to see if we are right.

’90 Day Fiancé UK’ Spoilers: Couples that might be trouble on 90 day fiancé UK

Richard and Kathleen. At first Richard seemed to have a pretty good personality and he had an interesting career as a bar quiz guy, but then he opened by saying that British women were “too much trouble” and he wanted someone “more traditional” and wanted someone who didn’t mind doing the cooking and the cleaning for him. If this guy were American we’d already be telling girls to run for the hills.

Kathleen, we’ll assume that she knows what she’s getting into for now, but we definitely got some drama vibes when she displayed jealousy over his going out (it’s literally in his job description) and how dismissive he seemed to be of the entire thing… not a good look, we can only hope Richard improves.

Victoria and Sean are also in the running for potential trouble, as Sean is rather cagey about how he actually earns money. He says that he runs a youtube channel, but Victoria pointed out that the channel itself has not been active in about two years. However, Sean says that he still makes ad revenue from the channel itself.

Not really all that surprising, but considering it’s a how-to channel one wonders how much ad revenue that he really makes. Victoria also said that he didn’t tell her he had been married before at first either but assured her that he was fully divorced in Japan. These two might end up having some issues in the future. Stay tuned!!!

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