90 Day Fiancé Tell-All: Shaun Robinson DRAGS Cheater Mohamed Abdelhamed About Yvette Arellano’s Wardrobe

The 90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All is something that all fans look forward to. This is the moment when we see how the couples are doing and how much drama they are now dealing with. We are happy that the season nine couples are all still together, but the emotions are running high in this episode. Host Shaun Robinson points out that there are couples that saw some red flags in their relationships and one of them is Yvette Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed.

90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All – Shaun Questions Yve and Mohamed

When Shaun starts to chat with Yvette and Mohamed, they are all smiles and look very much in love. Yve is wearing a gorgeous pink dress that doesn’t show off too much skin. Clearly, it was Mohamed approved. She asked about their relationship.

90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All – Shaun Robinson Drags Mohamed Abdelhamed About Yvette Arellano’s Wardrobe

Yve says, “We always got along as far as being in each other’s company well. Now I just put on whatever I want and he doesn’t give me a hard time.” She mentioned that he tells her she looks pretty or he likes the outfit that she is wearing.

Shaun mentions that before, Mohamed didn’t like Yve’s clothing, and asked what has changed. He tells Shaun, “Since I arrived in America, I never told her to change her clothes.” That’s when the cast calls him out. Shaun brings up the scene when he asked her to change her clothes.

He says, “I never told her to change what she’s wearing. Maybe I can tell my opinion about it, but not like ‘you can’t wear that.'” Shaun brings up the night that Mohamed asked Yve to put a coat on over her thong. He says, “I meant, like, maybe she should… When I came here to America, it took time to understand the culture more and her lifestyle as well.”

Of course, Jibri has to pop in and say, “Look he’s learning. You’ll work out.” Then he just turns to Ariela Weinberg and tells her that her marriage won’t work out. Ari then tells him that she would say the same thing for his marriage. Jibri tells Shaun that Ari and Biniyam Shibre are “fake”.

Ari chimes in with, “Ooh we’re fake? Says the guy in the million-dollar suit.” Shaun asks him why she thinks they won’t work out and he says, “I know that they’re not gonna work out. It’s not an I think. She’s too jealous. You’re holding him back. She’s holding you back, bro. You’re a star. You’re gonna get there. She’s holding you back. She’s dimming your light. I’m just being real with you.”

It looks like the drama is just getting deeper and deeper and we will see more on the second part of the Tell-All on Sunday on TLC.

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