90 Day Fiancé Tell-All: Olympic Cheat Patrick Mendes BUSTED For Dating Multiple Women

Fans love catching the 90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All. This is the time in the show when Shaun Robinson meets back up with the couples to check in to see how their relationships are going. All of the couples from the ninth season did end up getting married and they are all still together. There are many secrets and lies that come out on the show and it seems that this season was all about jealousy.

90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All – Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head

Many of the couples on the show have talked about how jealous they are of their significant others and it seems to be the overall theme of this Tell-All. Thais Ramone actually calls out her husband, Patrick Mendes about the jealousy and trust issues between them.

90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All – Patrick Mendes Busted For Dating Multiple Women

She tells Shaun that there was a point when they started dating that Patrick was training a girl, but they were actually dating while he was with her. Thais told Shaun that Patrick was having sex with this woman while she and Patrick were dating long distance. This, of course, was when Thais was still in Brazil.

Thais tells Patrick that she isn’t jealous, she just felt like he should have been honest with her when he was dating two women at the same time. When Shaun asked them if they were in a relationship at that time, Thais said yes, but Patrick disagreed.

Thais said, “In the beginning, you went to Brazil every month. You were talking with that girl, like me. You talked with the girl on your cell phone. After eight months, we were together.” Patrick told her that they were not together when he was training this other girl.

Shaun then asked, “So you were kissing the girl when you were seeing Thais?” Patrick says, “Yeah…Kind of. I’m just saying I didn’t think we were in a relationship at that point. It was a confusing time.” Shaun asked him what was so confusing about it.

He added, “I dated this girl before I met Thais and she kinda went away, and then Thais came in the picture. This girl wanted to come back and I was going back to Thais. It was like there was no full commitment to Thais yet and there was no commitment to her. I was like, a single dude dating.”

Thais then brought up that Patrick was going to Brazil every month, having sex with her, and then dating other girls and having sex with them. Patrick said that he never had sex with the other girl because of the heavy drinking that went on with them.

Basically, Patrick reveals that he was dating two women at one time and wasn’t honest with Thais. Thais said that if he had told her that she would have told him not to come back to Brazil. She tells the cameras that she found out the day that he proposed.

Thais had Patrick’s cell phone and he was underwater and she saw the texts that he had sent to this other woman. Patrick said that he sent this woman a message when he had a fight with Thais. He did admit that he was in the wrong in all of this.

This Tell-All is heating up and we are going to see even more on the second part of it on TLC on Sunday night.

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