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90 Day Fiancé Tell-All: Jibri Bell Called Out For Shocking Behavior By Shaun Robinson After Hypocritical Bullying Speech

Fans were so excited to see the second part of the 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All and the tension has just gotten thicker! Shaun Robinson has some grueling questions and the couples are getting very heated. After John Mendes and Jibri Bell got into it, Jibri came back and asked Patrick Mendes why he doesn’t stand up for his wife and his relationship.

He then told him that he felt like John was bullying Parick. Jibri went on and on about how he shouldn’t take the bullying and when he sees others get bullied, it reminds him of his childhood when he was bullied.

90 Day Fiancé: Tell-AlL – Jibri’s Bullying Speech

Jibri toots his own horn about how he is the only one who is standing up to John and that Patrick needs to stand up to his brother. He even calls John ‘trailer park trash’ and Kara Bass jumps in and says, “How are you okay with someone calling your brother trailer trash?” Patrick literally just sits in his chair while everyone is going on and on about John. Thais even says, “You do what Patrick doesn’t do.”

90 Day Fiancé: Tell-AlL – Shaun Robinson Calls Out Jibri Bell After His Bullying Speech

Jibri goes on a huge tirade about how he doesn’t like how John talks to Thais Ramone and Patrick and thinks that he is toxic. He told Patrick that he needs him out of his life. In fact, he says, “When I see people, like, how John was treating them, that brings me back to where I was at in South Dakota where kids were bullying me and making fun of me for being different.”

Shaun calls Jibri out and asks him if he is talking about bullying, what happened with Ari? If you will remember, Jibri told Ari that he thought she was holding Biniyam Shibre back from doing his best in his career and that she was trying to ‘dim his light.’

In fact, Jibri says, “I just don’t think people can say things to people without repercussions.” This is when Ariela Weinberg chimes in with “If you don’t like people bullying others like you were bullying me before. Like, you were picking on our relationship. You don’t see all the things that go on, so that could be hurtful what you said.”

Jibri ends up saying that he wasn’t trying to pick on Ari, he was just trying to show Ari that Bini has a lot of potential and she should support that.

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