’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Why Many Viewers Prefer 90 Day Fiancé UK Over OG 90DF

Within the fandom, the verdict is in, and it seems that a lot of viewers prefer 90 day fiancé UK over the OG 90 day fiancé, at least this season. There are reasons why its better, for one thing, the UK cast actually seems like it is made up of real people and not just people who answered a casting call for an attempt to be on reality TV.

Sure, we’re entertained by all of the train wrecks on the OG instance of the show, but there’s a certain charm to the UK cast where you get the sense that they are there to actually find love and not just build their own brand, which is what it seems a lot of the 90 day cast has actually branched out into.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: UK – The big difference between 90 day fiancé and 90 day fiancé UK

In fact if the show rebranded itself to Building Brands from Trainwrecks then that would probably apply moreso than the “90 day fiancé” label would at this point. Yes, there are some couples who are still on there to find love, but some of them just want to team up and build brands together and actual, real love has nothing to do with it.

The 90 day UK cast however seems to be built different though, and they’re here for the original intent of the show – thank God because we’ve had enough of Building Brands from Trainwrecks to last for the year. (We do realize that the season hasn’t concluded yet.) Honestly, it’s a breah of fresh air.

In fact, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of focus on the more train-wreck-y parts of the story for the UK audience. You would expect a bunch of British Karens for Mother-in-Laws and a bunch of people who are having clashes about faith and the like… but no, the UK cast just seems to be made up of kinder, gentler people who do seem to be genuinely in love and not just faking it ‘till they make it. Which begs the question – is the current cast of 90 day really the impression that we give the rest of the world?

Because we should try and assure the rest of the world that the majority of us don’t act like that, but instead we’re out here embracing every horrible American stereotype there is and not deviating from it at all, in fact, the OG 90 day has really made an art form out of leaning into stereotypes for a lot of its storylines and… its getting a little old.

So we don’t know if the casting directors just decided to focus more on the UK version of the show, or if they just chose the wrong people for the OG this time… but…. we hope S10 won’t be so… fake. There. I said it. Stay tuned!!!

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