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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Tragic Update As Guillermo Castillo’s Brother Passes Away

Moment of silence for the brother of Guillermo Castillo’s brother, Jose Joaquin, as he is no longer with us. He was going through end-stage renal failure and while they thought that he was getting better and he even talked to Guillermo coherently the day before, sadly, it was not to be, and he ended up passing away quite suddenly.

What a blow this has to be to Guillermo, who just moved to the United States, now he can’t go back to the Dominican Republic for the funeral, at least not until after they’re married. Will this affect the wedding in any way? It might. Guillermo originally wanted a really big wedding inviting all of his family and celebrating it in huge style.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Guillermo Castillo’s brother passes away

However, now that his brother has passed, we’re not sure that Guillermo will be in the mood for that big wedding any longer. Fiance Kara Bass might get the courthouse wedding that she tried to convince Guillermo of, but probably not quite in the way she wanted it.

No one could have predicted Jose dying, so it’s not exactly Kara’s fault, but the grief involved in losing his brother could eventually make easygoing Guillermo crack and possibly snap at Kara, if she’s not careful. She has a way about her that can be abrasive at times, social media has noticed it and she’s not really a fan favorite because of it.

Our hearts do go out to Guillermo, he didn’t deserve his brother dying on top of dealing with bossy Kara. Who else cringed when Kara told him she didn’t think that his brother would want him to be sad? Maybe her heart was in the right place but right after someone’s death is not the time to say such a thing.

It had been less than 24 hours since his brother had died when she said that, that’s the type of thing you say when you just don’t want to hear someone have an emotional breakdown. Guillermo is allowed to have one, that was his brother and she is going to be his wife… though, honestly, if she’s going to marry him then Kara really needs to learn the meaning of “for better or for worse”. Stay tuned!!!