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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Shaeeda and 90DF Cast CALL OUT Biniyam Shibre For Ariela Weinberg Treatment and Siding With Sisters

It seems that no one is on Biniyam’s side when it comes to what he did to wife to Ariela Weinberg Shibre early on in the season. They finally addressed the wine to the face situation that happened between Ariela and Biniyam’s sisters when she told them that she was marrying Bini and not them.

While that could be perceived as rude by some, she was just stating facts, and everyone in the room was surprised that Biniyam was laughing about the exchange later along with his sisters. Kara Bass Castillo asked, “Where’s the line?” and she has a point, where is the line when it comes to protecting Ariela when it comes to Biniyam?

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Shaeeda and the rest of the 90 day cast call out Biniyam Shibre

One wonders if this is what prompted Ariela to go to a warzone with their son and leave Bini on read for three months. She said the tactic worked and they do seem to be at least  little more communicative now, but the fire is definitely gone between them. Biniyam doesn’t seem to be feeling anything much at all and even said that if it weren’t for little Aviel that he and Ariela wouldn’t even be together.

Shaeeda called him out and said that Ariela didn’t deserve the treatment that she got from his sisters, again Biniyam didn’t speak up and defend his wife, or his position, so he pretty much knows that Ariela didn’t deserve that kind of treatment but just… doesn’t seem to care.

Poor Ariela seems to take in stride, it’s almost like that’s what she’s come to expect out of Biniyam and it’s really sad. One does wonder if Jibri Bell is right and if they will last, he doesn’t seem to think so but he thinks it’s Ariela’s fault, but there’s only so much that you can do with a man who isn’t interested and Biniyam doesn’t really seem to be into Ariela anymore.

Granted, he doesn’t seem to be into anyone else either, so maybe he’s just like Jake Paul and has fallen out of love with Ariela and in love with his MMA fighting career, after all, it was Jake Paul who said that he fell out of love with Tana Mongeau after he got into boxing. Seems that would be the only thing Biniyam is built for, having a career, relationships aren’t cutting it, that’s for sure. Stay tuned!!!