’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Patrick & Thais Update, Let’s hear it for Theodore (The Dog)!

90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers tells that, when Patrick brought fiancé Thais from Brazil to live with him and his brother, John, we kind of knew that it was going to be an entire dumpster fire, but there is one redeeming quality that we have to admire Patrick for… and that was getting little Theodore for Thais.

Theodore is probably the cutest, most unproblmatic cast member that we’ve had aside from Big Ed Brown’s Teddy, who unfortunately passed away this year. Theodore is a baby, looks to be only a few weeks old, is a little white pocket-sized pomeranian that Thais instantly fell in love with when she saw him.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Let’s hear it for Theodore!

We’re glad that Patrick saw that Thais was going to be lonely when he was at work and got her a companion, because God knows that his brother won’t be the type of company that she needs, that’s for sure! Thais and John already mix together like oil and water, John seemed mad that Patrick even thought to bring a woman home.

He was having a beer at 11AM in the morning (way too early) and when Thais made that observation, John quickly got defensive and told her that “I live here too!” which made her instantly feel uncomfortable – don’t worry, Thais, it wasn’t just you in that moment.

John seems a bit scary and unhinged, if we’re going to be completely honest. He seemed a bit too eager to make Thais cough and seemed genuinely excited when Patrick said that he was going to “choke [his] fiance out”. We get that Patrick is simply trying to help out his brother, but John seems like the type that will take a simple gesture way too far.

Thais made an excellent observation when she said that he came off as crazy – because he does, John doesn’t seem like the type of person that can be trusted to be alone with Thais. We’re really worried for her safety, perhaps little Theodore could come in handy as a personal alarm as well… or maybe they could get Theodore a much larger, mastiff-sized brother, you know, just in case John ever goes off the rails. Stay tuned!!!

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