’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Bilal Hazziez Gets Married To Fiancée Shaeeda Sween… To the Surprise of No One

In spite of our intent warnings, Shaeeda Sween did not run screaming. She stuck with Bilal Hazziez, even though everyone in the fandom was screaming at her not to, and got married anyway. Even through all the pranks, and all the weird passive-aggressive family stunts, she decided that Bilal was the one for her.

It was interesting watching a Muslim wedding, they already had a Nikaah, which is a spiritual marriage, but this was the legal and ceremonial binding of said Nikaah in which they ask the bride and groom three times if they want to get married or not and in their culture apparently that symbolizes getting married on three different levels, it’s an interesting concept.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Bilal Hazziez gets married to fiancée Shaeeda

Bilal’s daughter sang at the wedding, we couldn’t understand what she was singing because it was in Arabic, but she has a very beautiful voice and you could tell that the intent behind it was very pure. Such a sweet little girl. Shaeeda looked good in her dress of choice as she descended the staircase, interestingly there was no veil attached to her headdress, are veils not a thing in Muslim weddings?

If they are, then they weren’t in this one, then again, it’s the second wedding for Bilal so that could have had something to do with it – however it’s the first for Shaeeda, maybe it does just come down to choice? Who knows? A veil was never mentioned, though.

Also, in some Muslim culture it is customary to get married while sitting down, but not with Shaeeda and Bilal, they got married standing and facing each other like other couples do in other cultures. Although, most of the sit-down Muslim weddings that we’ve observed have taken place in the middle east, so it’s probably a different sect of the Muslim faith that does that, unless it, again, comes down to choice and it’s interesting that they would choose to do this instead of what other aspects of the culture dictate, but, this is American Muslims and not Middle East Muslims, so there’s probably some difference.

All’s well that ends well, but no matter the faith you kind of have to cringe in sympathy for her… she gets to put up with Bilal’s pranks for all eternity. Stay tuned!!!

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