’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Bilal And Shaeeda Hazziez Wind Up On Happily Ever After

Looks like we will get to have more of Bilal Hazziez and his new wife, Shaeeda, in our lives after all, because the producers over at TLC have decided that these two are the perfect fit for the newest season of Happily Ever After! That’s right, now the 90 day fandom can continue to follow the narcissistic train wreck that is Bilal and Shaeeda’s marriage (or at least that’s what the fandom has termed it) all the way!

We do wonder if this is going to include their possible fertility journey, or if Shaeeda is going to put that on the backburner in order to work on her yoga brand for a little while before she becomes a Mom, but we’d be willing to bet that that is not going to happen, given just how much she wants a child.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Bilal And Shaeeda Hazziez Wind Up On Happily Ever After

If the fandom’s assumptions are right, and Bilal did have a vasectomy after his first two kids, this means that he will have to, at some point, tell Shaeeda and we’ll all get to witness the fall-out from that. The fandom is still speculating, but so far, if this is what happened then Bilal didn’t tell Shaeeda before the wedding.

Possibly out of fear that she would run all the way back to Trinidad and Tobago and leave him far, far behind because for a while it seemed like that is where they were headed. We can only hope that going forward, Bilal and his family is through with the petty pranks that they kept pulling on her.

However… who are we kidding? They’re probably not. We do wish Shaeeda a whole bunch of happiness in her future endeavors, whatever they may be. As for Bilal, we hope that he gets out of bed every morning and stubs his toe on the nightstand because he has kind of asked for it this entire season. Or at least, just let him do so the entire time that he’s filming for Happily Ever After simply because it would be fun and they should leave that outtake in. Stay tuned!!!

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