90 Day Fiancé: More Shocking Evidence About Cheater Mohamed Abdelhamed’s Shameless Betrayal of Yvette Arellano Revealed

Mohamed Abdelhamed and Yvette Arellano from this season of 90 Day Fiancé just tied the knot on the show and they seem very happy with each other from what we saw in the last episode. There have been a lot of rumors going around about Mohamed though. These rumors have come from an Instagram account and according to them, he has been cheating on Yve with another woman.

90 Day Fiancé: The Cheating Scandal

The Instagram account, merrypants, has been sharing text messages that she has been sent from the alleged woman in question. Apparently, Mohamed wanted to get married to Yve, get his green card, and then leave her for this woman.

90 Day Fiancé: The Cheating Scandal Between Mohamed Abdelhamed and Yvette Arellano Continues on with More Evidence

According to the Whatsapp messages between them, he told the woman that if she would come to New Mexico, he would hold her all night and he would get out of the house and pretend to go to work. The texts between them went on and on and now it looks as if there are more!

Merrypants posted more messages from the mystery girlfriend on Instagram. She captioned these pictures, “I am posting the speech bubbles of what his girlfriend DM’ed me. The rest can be covered by her own words in an interview. Stay tuned.” Then she shared the texts. The first read, “We actually consulted an attorney and they told us because his green card is marriage based, they will take it away after they get divorced. And to avoid going back to Egypt, he will have to marry someone else.”

Then there was a picture that a fan took at the airport of Yve and Mohamed. The mystery girl wrote, “We were talking weeks before they filmed the tell-all. The picture you saw of them at the airport…he was actually messaging me that he was in Dallas.” She went on, “He was always so whiny. Three weeks ago, he needed new shorts to work out and Yve dropped him off at Ross. He went inside and messaged me she didn’t give him any money for it so I sent him $50 through Zelle so he could buy shorts and a bag. He posted on his IG story a video of being at the gym wearing the headphones and shorts I paid for. He told me Yve is broke. He told me she hasn’t done her taxes yet because she owes so much and that she might lose her house because the guy she bought it from is fighting her for it.”

According to this woman, she and Mohamed talk every day for hours at a time and they are in love. Apparently, Yve found the messages between them and ended up calling this woman. She called and then hung up when she realized that it wasn’t a work buddy, it was another woman.

We will continue to watch this drama and we are really excited about a possible interview.

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