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90 Day Fiancé: Jibri Bell Still Wants His Mother at the Wedding With Miona Bell

With their wedding just a few hours away, 90 Day Fiancé cast member, Jibri Bell is having some strong feelings about his mother not being there. She and his step-father kicked them out of the house because their time was up. They gave them a timeline to follow in order to get on their feet and find a place and when they left South Dakota, things were rocky. Now it looks as if Jibri is having some deep feelings about the way they left things and he decides to call his mother.

90 Day Fiancé: Jibri Wants Her at the Wedding

He chats with his mother about all of the stress he is feeling and that he is really missing her there and he told her that it doesn’t feel right that his parents won’t be there. Mahala says, “I would be lying if I didn’t say how sad I was for not being there, but I’m glad you have Grandma there and I hope it’s going to be beautiful.

90 Day Fiancé: Jibri Bell Wants His Mother at the Wedding, But Will She Show Up?

I mean, I think that was kind of the whole point of having it there was so that it would be beautiful.” While they are on a video chat, we can all see that her face looks very upset.

Jibri tells her that he wants to look around to see if he can get her a quick ticket tonight so that she can fly out to be at the wedding. She says, “I just…I can’t.” When we see her in a confessional, she says, “Because Jibri and I have been so close, distance has never…physical distance has never felt like real distance. But today it does. I am really sad, but really I’m hurt. The decisions that Jibri and Miona Bell have made created some emotional distance and I think really I’m having to create that distance to protect my heart because I want to be there. I want to see him say ‘I do and hold the woman that he loves in his arms and kiss her for the first time as a married couple and we’re going to miss that. And I didn’t have a choice about it. That’s a memory for my son that I don’t get to participate in.”

All Mahala wants is for Jibri to be happy and she gives him her blessing to get married. She tells him that she doesn’t like how it all went down, but she is ready to start over for her son.

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