90 Day Fiancé: Aleksandra Strobel Shares Live Event That Rocked Her World

From the third season of 90 Day Fiancé, you may remember Aleksandra Strobel. She was quite popular on the show and the season focused on her relationship with her husband, Josh Strobel. These two met in the Czech Republic while Josh was there studying up on his religion.

She was also there for school and they met and thought it was love. Josh was a devout Mormon and at first, this seemed odd to Aleksandra. She did end up converting for him and in 2015, they got married and decided to start a family together.

90 Day Fiancé: The Many Controversies

There have been a lot of controversies surrounding these two and their children. Their first child, Kaya, was believed to be from another man and not Josh. This was clearly all rumors that were spread by desperate people because Kaya didn’t look anything like Josh, according to fans.

90 Day Fiancé: Aleksandra Strobel Shares Live Event That Rocked Her World

This moment is when they decided that they were done sharing personal pictures and videos with fans and that they were going to fly under the radar. They had another child in 2019 named JJ. The couple hasn’t shared a lot about him on social media because of the rumors from the past.

Aleksandra decided that she finally needed to open up to her fans about something in hopes that she could get some advice. She told her fans that she took JJ to a trampoline park and another child ended up jumping on his leg. As she was watching, she knew that something wasn’t right.

Her family and friends told her that she was just overreacting and being too clingy with her son. She just couldn’t console him and knew that she needed to take him to a doctor. It turns out that he has a broken tibia! She said that he wouldn’t stop crying and she could tell that he was in some horrible pain.

She posted a picture with tears in her eyes on Instagram and she captioned it, “My world instantly slowed down. I heard my baby screaming while I was running to him. I knew it’s bad from the way he cried.” She said that she called Josh to get off of work, but he was busy helping patients of his own and couldn’t leave work. She felt as if he should be able to help his own son, but understood that he has work to do too.

We are so glad that Aleksandra shared this with her fans and that JJ is doing better.

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