Zachary Levi Opens Up About The Therapy That Saved His Life On The Joe Rogan Experience

Zachary Levi, star of DC’s ‘Shazam’ and the popular television series ‘Chuck’ was recently on The Joe Rogan Experience, and opened up to Joe and everyone about his struggles with mental health and how he had suicidal thoughts a few different times in his life.

It wasn’t until he moved to Texas and really sought help after a mental breakdown that he found a way to cope with it and beat it. He mentions it in his new book and has been very vocal about his struggles online. In their conversation, Levi brings up Hollywood, how California is busted, and there didn’t seem to be any way to get a head of how he was feeling. The conversation and hearing Levi tell his story is very interesting.

Zachary Levi Opens Up About The Therapy That Saved His Life On The Joe Rogan Experience

Viewers reacted to Levi’s message and story about mental health saying, “Everything Zach said is exactly what im going through now. Still have a long road ahead but this definitley helps!”, “I lost five uncles and a roommate to depression and booze. All of them hated themselves. I struggled with self hatred and self worth until I got help. Our family and culture from where we are from were vicious. Children were gaslit constantly. Make a bad choice at 4 because you had no supervision? You were told you were born with something wrong with you”, “Love a great turn around story – wish there were more of these. But in all honesty – these types of places/programs for mental health, do not exist for those not in the upper & elite class.” and “Seriously awesome that Joe got him on, he’s one of my favorite actors as people. He comes across as a very genuine and kind person who happens to be very funny.”

Levi recently starred as Kurt Warner in ‘American Underdog’, a film that deals with Warner’s own personal struggles and really puts Levi in a new light I think.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Zachary Levi and what did you think of his story? Let us know in the comments below.

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