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Univision Mi fortuna es amarte Spoilers: Will Constanza make a huge mistake? Plus, Olga resurfaces




Univision Mi fortuna es amarte spoilers reveal Constanza Robles García (Chantal Andere) finally goes way too far. And she just might be making an enemy of Elías Haddad Nassar (Omar Fierro) in the process. Plus, we’ll see Olga Pascual Chávez (Michelle González) dealing with the real deal. But will it get her any passes? Here’s what you need to know.

Univision Mi fortuna es amarte Spoilers: Big risk

First, let’s catch up a second. Last time, Natalia Robles García (Susana González) took a huge risk. She installed a virus on Adrián Cantú Garza’s (Sergio Sendel) computer. Whether that will come up tonight at all, we don’t know. But Mi fortuna es amarte spoilers reveal it was a close one, with the installation completing in just enough time for her to take out the removeable drive before Adrián entered the office. We’re not sure he bought her story, but we doubt he’ll suspect what she really did.

As for Natalia, we know she’s not a pro here, but she didn’t do any favors here. She’d claimed she wanted to get recipes off the internet, but she never actually printed out any after Adrián came in and told her the passcode. That can’t look good. Lucky for her, Adrián is a bit too arrogant to pick up on that and demand better answers.

Univision Mi fortuna es amarte Spoilers: Plan in motion

Elsewhere, Mi fortuna es amarte spoilers reveal Elías and Constanza want to steal Andrea Cantú Robles’ (Fernanda Urdapilleta) child, but she has something to do before carrying out this plan. We’re torn here. Now, her going after Soledad “Chole” Pascual Gama (Luz Elena González) could be the perfect way to fake her death, as Elías wants to do. With Constanza allegedly dead, there’s no way for anyone to suspect she stole the kid. However, Constanza has proven herself to be a bit of a loose cannon.

This woman needs help, and we can see her going off script to get revenge. She’s already tried to run Chole down to keep that child from being born and she’s had some very creepy moments where it’s clear she is not all there. And if she is going off script like this, it could create huge complications in the plan. Which we doubt Elías will appreciate.

Univision Mi fortuna es amarte Spoilers: No sympathy

Finally, Olga resurfaces in the hospital after being raped. Now, we’re not saying she deserves to have that happen. All we’re saying is, we can’t drum up a lot of sympathy for a woman who did the same to Vicente “Chente” Ramírez Pérez (David Zepeda) when she drugged him and lured him to bed when he was clearly hallucinating he was with Natalia. Not to mention how she tortured a small, traumatized child mentally and physically.

There’s another issue here that might get her much sympathy from the others as well. After Néstor “Sinba” Peña (Said P) confessed to helping Olga fake a rape and beating already, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think she did it again. Especially since Chente was convinced she didn’t show up for their wedding because she realized she’d been recorded mistreating his son. We’ll see if anyone ends up believing her. Or caring.

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