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Univision Mi fortuna es amarte Spoilers: Andrea and Regina are attacked! And Benja’s in danger




Univision Mi fortuna es amarte spoilers reveal things take a rough turn tonight. With only two more episodes until Friday’s Gran Final, things are likely to move fast. There is, after all, a lot to resolve yet. Here’s what you need to know about tonight.

Univision Mi fortuna es amarte Spoilers: Attacked

First, Mi fortuna es amarte spoilers reveal Andrea Cantú Robles (Fernanda Urdapilleta) had a rough pregnancy. However, her baby was born healthy in the last episode, and judging by the size of that kid, either on schedule, or close to it. However, the worst isn’t over for her yet. She and Regina Cantú Robles (Daniela Martínez) will be taking a walk in the park with the baby and Benjamín Ramírez Nieto (André Sebastián González).

Given Elías Haddad Nassar (Omar Fierro) set his plan in motion last time, it’s clear this is the next phase—steal the baby. And he will succeed. However, it looks like Benja will be taken as well. And this is going to bring the whole family together to find them.

We can’t help but wonder, though, if Olga Pascual Chávez (Michelle González) will take advantage of the attack to steal Benja herself. She was devastated by Vicente “Chente” Ramírez Pérez’s (David Zepeda) reaction to her return. And she seemed angry that Benja had taped her tormenting him. Of course, this lady is too dense to realize she was the one that missed the kid playing with his cell phone when she started her usual torture. So, that one is totally on her, in our opinion.

Univision Mi fortuna es amarte Spoilers: Busted?

Also, Mi fortuna es amarte spoilers indicate the police will finally be able to take action against Elías tonight. Whether or not others will go down as well, we don’t know. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Adrián Cantú Garza (Sergio Sendel) is next on that list. It would be strange, in our opinion, if he wasn’t. It’s been awhile since that virus was planted on his computer. So, you’d think something would have come of that by now.

Univision Mi fortuna es amarte Spoilers: Liar, liar

Finally, let’s talk about Constanza Robles García (Chantal Andere). Apparently, everything she did was in line with Elías’ plan. And, unfortunately, poor Natalia Robles García (Susana González) was there when Constanza carried it out. It seemed like a risky plan, to us. She was lucky Natalia got worried and checked on her when she did.

But she did and Elías was able to go with Constanza, where he paid off everyone to pretend she died. It was interesting, though, how she seemed to get nervous when it was time to inject her with something that would make her appear dead for the funeral. It shows she still has some wits about her. However, she’s unfortunately so far gone mentally she ended up doing as told.

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