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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Micah Plath Throws Serious Shade

Of course the cast of ‘Welcome to Plathville‘ has had it’s share if shade throwing on social media, but you expect it from Moriah, Olivia, Kim, the usually suspects. However this time the shade comes from a surprising source, and that is even tempered Micah Plath. Micha has been, amidst all his family drama, the one who just seemed to sidestep it all and escape without much of a kerfuffle.

Yes, he did initially get kicked out by Kim and Barry during season 2, but he didn’t kick up that much of a fuss. He just simply left and started a new life elsewhere, first in Cairo just at a separate house than the Plaths, but then he struck out totally on his own and got out his “bubble” as he put it and moved to West Hollywood to pursue acting and modeling.

Micah Plath throws shade

Through it all, Micah has not really badmouthed Kim and Barry for their parenting technique, rather he has just said that their belief system doesn’t work for him and he wanted something different for his life so that’s what he pursued. Imagine our surprise when we see this message show up in Micah’s insta stories:

“You will never get the truth out of a narcissist. The closest you will ever come is a story that either makes them the victim or the hero zzz but never the villain.”

Now people in the fandom are spouting off and wondering just who he’s referencing. Some people say that it’s obviously Kim. A lot of people have labeled Kim a narcissist for the way she raised and educated her kids and how she now refuses to take responsibility for any of it or even admit any wrongdoing when it comes to their education. It’s not lost on us, the way Kim Plath passes the back on a lot of things.

Some people say that it may be Olivia Plath and how she has acted over the whole incident with Joshua’s grave, making herself out to be the victim in a situation that essentially had nothing to do with her. The path family should have been allowed to gather in peace in remembrance of their loved one but Olivia kind of ruined that and the entire family was not here for it along with about 90% of the fans. Yes, Olivia still has fans but this situation made her look extremely bad in the fandom.

Yet a third theory points to how Micah is in the acting and modeling business and that this act of shade could be being tossed at anyone. Literally anyone that he is working or has worked with in the past could be the narcissist that he is referring to. He could also be referring to someone that he’s dating or interested in. Still, it’s pretty odd for Micah Plath to throw shade, and use therapy words like “narcissist” to do so. We’ll see. Stay tuned!!!