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TLC ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Ethan Plath is full of surprises

Even after wife Olivia Plath ticked him off by pulling that whole stunt at baby Joshua Plath’s grave, Ethan Plath came home and to welcome Olivia home, he cooked her a full dinner.  Little sister Moriah Plath helped (can we just have a moment of silence for the seasoning in the Plath household?

Moriah didn’t know what a jalapeno popper was, we can only assume that spicy food was not a Plath family staple growing up… poor thing!) a little bit, and Ethan cooked her a steak dinner, complete with homemade jalapeno poppers that were bacon wrapped, green beans and potatoes – all in all it looked very good.

Ethan Plath is full of surprises

Olivia said that it was the first time that Ethan had cooked, which does prove one thing, Ethan isn’t so encapsulated by gender roles that he won’t cook for his wife. Good for him. Granted, it was also her birthday, but, considering the environment he grew up in, this is a big step for him.

Olivia was pleasantly surprised, she was thinking that she was going to go home to a fight, but Ethan is obviously tired of fighting and ultimately knows that that is not going to get him anywhere, at least not with Olivia. Rather, he’s playing a different card altogether and letting Olivia have her head and being like, “You know what you did.” which, honestly seems to be working out to his advantage.

We thought Ethan and Olivia might be headed their way to a divorce, but it looks like he might actually manage to pull this one out of the ditch after all.

It was Olivia, whom, after a glass of champage asked about the plans for Ethan’s birthday. She had  wedding in Jamaica (will Nigel be there? Probably not but it would be a small world if he was.) that happened to fall the same week as Ethan’s birthday and she and Ethan, Micah, and Moriah are all headed to Jamaica for a sunny holiday.

Ethan said that he wanted to sit on the beach and watch the waves and drink rum for his birthday… sounds relaxing, but we’ll see how this goes. Stay tuned!!!