Podcaster Joe Rogan’s Instagram Won’t Allow People To Follow Him – Comedian Andrew Schulz Claims The Same

Podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan reposted a video from a fan that showed them on Instagram attempting to follow Rogan on Instagram and not be allowed to. In the clip they recorded the screen of their phone as they attempted to follow Rogan but each time they were told to “Try again later”.

“Well, this is kinda fucked. I’m hoping this is just a glitch? People are saying they can’t follow me. Is anyone else having this issue?
Repost from @drjasonpiccolo

Now I don’t follow a ton of people at a time. My account had never been in the doghouse. But I’ve been trying since yesterday to follow @joerogan and can’t. This is crazy. #JoeRogan
Note. I tried twice in a row in this vid. Still nada.”

Podcaster Joe Rogan’s Instagram Won’t Allow People To Follow Him – Comedian Andrew Schulz Claims The Same

Comedian Andrew Schulz who was just on the podcast also commented on the post, “Man they shut my s–t down yesterday. Getting spooky out here.” One listener joked that Rogan called out Pelosi too much, “I guess you called out Nancy Pelosi for her insider trading just one too many times! 😂

While this could be nothing more than a glitch, it is strange that it only seems to happen to certain people and it’s not the first time that Rogan has had issues with his social media before. Aside from his constant issues with YouTube, he’s had issues with Facebook and Instagram not showing up, or notifying his followers when he posts. Coincidence or honest glitch? We may never know, but one thing is for sure, this seems to be happening more frequently.

What do you think? Are they purposefully blocking people from following him or is this just a glitch that happens sometimes? Let us know in the comments below.

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