Joe Rogan Reacts To Matt Walsh’s ‘What Is A Woman’ Documentary With Andrew Schulz

Matt Walsh is a conservative talk-show host that recently released his own documentary where he traveled around the United States and even to Africa to ask people one simple question: “What is a woman?” While just a few years ago almost everyone in the world could give you a straight answer, they all seem confused by it now.

Podcast host Joe Rogan spoke about the documentary on his episode with fellow comedian Andrew Schulz and couldn’t believe how difficult people have made it to define what a woman is and went in on how one lady in particular believed that babies and toddlers could decipher their gender and how they were ‘assigned’ the wrong gender.

Joe Rogan Reacts To Matt Walsh’s ‘What Is A Woman’ Documentary With Andrew Schulz

Viewers reacted to the clip saying, “When I was 5 I tied a sheet around my neck and jumped off the top of my bunk bed because my brother convinced me I was Superman. Broke my arm. Kids are stupid and impressionable.”, “Matt Walsh has this sarcastic, dry-wit humor that I absolutely adore. And I love that he doesn’t give a damn what people who he doesn’t care about, think about him. His show is one of the few that I listen to, daily and in its entirety, and I am not even a conservative!”, “So glad I was born in the 80s. My mom said when I was 4 and 5 years old, I kept saying I was a ghost, acted like no one could see me, tried scaring everyone. If I was born these days, my mom would’ve killed me to make my dream a reality”, “I legit thought I was a race car when I was like 5. I’m pretty happy that my parents never let me drink any race fuel. Also went through a phase of being a t-Rex. Again, happy they didn’t nub out my arms.” and “The fact that we are even asking what a woman is proof that we are evolving towards idiocracy.”

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