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Is Simon Cowell Bringing Back The X Factor?

When it comes to the entertainment world, you can really never say never, right? According to new reports, Singer Sinitta hints Simon Cowell might be bringing back The X Factor following rumors the talent show could return to TV screens. The talent show experienced a decline in viewing figures and recent spin-off shows X Factor: Celebrity and X Factor: The Band failed to stem the losses. Here’s what you need to know.

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Sinitta, who made regular appearances on the show, said: “I do know it is Simon’s heart’s desire to bring the show back. I have no idea which channel it will be on, I have no idea who will be doing it with him, but since we did it before I think it should be us.”

Is Simon Cowell Bringing Back The X Factor?

Yet, back in April, Cowell decided to put his health over his career. In an interview with The Sun, Cowell said, “I made the decision that my main job would be being on TV, not running a production company. It was just all becoming too much. If I’m being honest, I was very nervous about burn-out. I wasn’t feeling ill, I was just terrified that would happen to me.”

He added, “I’m a great believer in doing something before something bad happens, rather than waiting for something bad to happen. I was thinking a lot about that during the past two years. I’ve seen it happen to people, close friends of mine, where they get burnt out, and you don’t want to be in that place.”

This all comes after the TV judge took a tumble over his electric bike’s handlebars, while not wearing a helmet, during a ride near his home in west London in February this year. Cowell was photographed with his arm in a yellow cast covered in doodles by Eric, whom he shares with his fiancée Lauren Silverman. The accident was his second on an electric bike, following a crash in August 2020 in which he broke his back and underwent six hours of surgery to have a metal rod inserted.

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