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Armie Hammer

Disgraced Actor Armie Hammer Financially Cut OFF From His Father-‘He’s Got To Work’

Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer has allegedly been financially cut off from his family amid his allegations of rape and sending cannibalism DMs. 

Disgraced Actor Armie Hammer Financially Cut Off From His Father-‘He’s Got To Work’

This may explain why the disgraced actor was recently pictured on the Cayman Islands selling what appeared to be the right for people to have an exclusive holiday home. Not only that, but other reports indicated that Robert Downey Jr had stepped in to offer support for the actor by covering his recent stint in rehab.

With that being said, it is clear that Armie has been sent a message by his family that he needs to stand on his own two feet. A source confirmed the following: “[Armie] is currently selling timeshares because he needs the money. His dad won’t help him anymore, and he’s been cut off, so he’s got to work.”

This is a major stumbling block for the actor in light of just how wealthy of a family he comes from. Armie’s great grandfather, Armand, just so happened to be a billionaire who specialised in the field of petroleum.

Therefore, that provided the family with mass amounts of wealth following his death in 1990. In addition, Armand hung around with some very influential people including Prince Charles, Ronald Reagan and even George H. W. Bush during the latter duo’s US Presidential inaugurations.

But now he will have to go forward without a life of dependance, which will challenge the actor especially since his career has come under scrutiny in light of his scandals. The fans on social media were not so sympathetic to Armie, though.

This was on the grounds that he was now put in a position, just like the majority of people, of having to work his way up. One person wrote: “Working for a living is good it all start from the bottom.”

Time will tell if this is just a temporary act of cutting Armie off or if this is the way going forward. So there you have it folks. What did you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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