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Britney Spears’ MASSIVE $600 Million Trust Missing; Where Is It?

In her pre-conservatorship days, back in 2004, Britney Spears created a trust with $600M inside it. That’s a pretty penny to most of us and would take us several lifetimes (and at least 3 generations) to accumulate, but Britney managed to it within a span of about six years, give or take. Wowzah. But now, this $600M seems to be missing.

Now, it looks like Britney is doing pretty well for herself financially but the fact of the matter is she is still $600M poorer than when she began and that is a problem, mostly for Britney’s kids because the trust, if we recall correctly, was actually set up with them in mind for when they came of age and now it’s gone? It wasn’t spent… just simply… moved and may now be in the hands of someone who decidedly is not their Mother.

Where is Britney Spears’ $600M?

When the conservatorship took hold, Britney’s Father, Jamie Spears, and her former business manager were the ones running her life. They, along with her sister Jamie Lynn Spears managed to move this $600M into the former business manager’s investment firm called Stonebridge, however in spite of the whole media circus about Jamie Lynn becoming a trustee for Britney’s money, she never actually took any of the legal steps to become an actual trustee, meaning, she should not have been able to move money around but it got moved. From Stonebridge, it got moved to Panama, to an off-shore account, and then somehow Kim Kardashian ended up $600M richer.

That’s an awfully specific number, but the connection in question is Britney’s former business manager who is now heavily affiliated with the Kardashians themselves. Kim isn’t the only Kar-Jenner who may not have entirely clean money, it seems that her sister Kylie Jenner, who sold half of her company, Kylie Cosmetics, for the very specific amount of $600M.

So is this money just making its way through the estates of various Kardashians? If that be the case, the very least Kylie Jenner could do is offer to collab with Britney on some lipkit shades… I mean, can you imagine a nice shade of green called “money laundering”? Or a deep purple called “betrayal”? Better yet, a nude pink called “conservatorship” and a red called “liberation”. I mean, the possibilities are endless. Stay tuned!!!

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