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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Thais Ramone Gets the Third Degree

Can Thais Ramone catch a break already? Although, once we found out that Patrick Mendes was previously divorced, everything started making sense. Obviously, there was something in his previous relationship tht made him feel like someone’s dirty little secret and he doesn’t want to feel like that again, so he has forced Thais to do jump through a lot of hoops that she isn’t necessarily comfortable with.

First, she wanted to get married in Vegas and then tell her Dad, which would have been hella romantic if one really stops and thinks about it, but no Patrick had this “traditional fantasy” about being approved by the girl’s Dad and made her inform her Dad before they got married.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Thais Ramone gets the third degree

Dad was not happy and Dad said that Patrick was just trying to take advantage of a Brazillian woman and that she should come back to her home country of Brazil. The thing is, Dad saw this coming because he knew that they had gotten engaged when they vacationed together in Mexico, so the revelation wasn’t that new to him. However, Patrick was under the impression that her Dad actually like him – we didn’t get those vibes from that zoom call.

In fact we got just the opposite, so either Thais’s Dad was a completely different person while they were engaged or Patrick is just incredibly dense. We think it may be the latter because it seems like he doesn’t get it when people are genuinely annoyed by him, case in point, the entire phone call with Thais’s Dad.

However, now that we know that Patrick is previously divorced, a lot of his behavior is making sense. Also, it explains why his family is particularly protective of him because they don’t want to see him go through that again.

However, they don’t seem to have boundaries, and their meddling seems like it’s only going to serve to distance Thais from Patrick because she’s already considering leaving, she’s already telling his Mom that she’s not sure about moving here and his Mom and the rest of the family is adamant that if any children are brought into the picture that they be brought up as American Citizens.

It looks like if it were left up to Patrick’s family, he would not be getting married because they don’t view Thais as mature enough… it looks like they are out for a specific fit for the family, and we’re not even sure that Thais wants to be it anymore. Stay tuned!!!