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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Patrick Mendez messed around and found out

We could have told Patrick Mendez about how that phone call with Thais Ramone’s Father was going to go. We could have told him, but no, he insisted on Thais getting on the phone and telling her Dad and now it looks like Dad has her ear, and Thais is listening because she says that Patrick is not the same person in the US that he was when they got engaged in Mexico.

She said that he treats her like a child, and it’s clear to see from their interactions that… yeah he kinda does. We’re not loving the way that Patrick keeps constantly throwing his sacrifices of money and such in Thais’s face. She can’t help the way the government is set up and that she can’t work right at the moment until they get married and file for a green card.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Patrick Mendez messed around and found out

Thais’s Dad got involved, and instead of giving them his blessing like Patrick fully expected he would, all he said was “Hm” and anyone who knows Dads knows that is not a good reaction to have. Granted, he wasn’t all that surprised by the revelation because he knew they had gotten engaged in Mexico, but maybe he just didn’t know that this was the deciding trip on them getting married.

Either that or he just didn’t think that Patrick was actually serious when he asked her to marry him, he might have thought that Thais would have gotten tired of Patrick and broke it off now.

He mentioned the headlines in America and we’re not actually sure what he meant by that, is he afraid of a heartbreak for Thais or is he afraid of random gun violence? If its the latter, then, the fear is pretty real and we can see where he wouldn’t want her in the US. What we’re not seeing is how that ties into her marrying Patrick.

Unless, it’s not Patrick but who he’s connected to that might be giving him bad vibes – that connection would be brother John. Now, so far the only thing that John has given us is a ton of questionable vibes but no real reason to think that he’s mentally unstable – but there’s always that question. So does Thais’s Dad think that perhaps the call is coming from inside the house? Stay tuned!!!