’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Kara Bass and Guillermo Castillo Get Married…To the Surprise of No One!

Looking back, we were afraid that Guillermo Castillo might have wanted to jump ship as the days grew closer to the wedding simply because of how controlling fiancé Kara Bass was being. We have to admit, Kara was kind of a pill throughout the entire 90 day process, but, we kind of see her point on some things.

Like, she wanted a small wedding with only a few guests and then she said she would have the big wedding later because it would save them money and they could put the money into other things like a house or other living expenses. It’s not a bad idea, honestly. But Guillermo was slightly less practical about his dream.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Kara Bass and Guillermo Castillo get married

Guillermo wanted the big wedding, he wanted to be able to invite his entire family and have them see him get married and share the experience with his entire family. Honestly, it’s a very sweet and very traditional way of looking at things and it just speaks to his whole, more innocent worldview.

Guillermo’s wants wouldn’t be out of place a couple of decades ago, in fact, if COVID hadn’t happened it wouldn’t be out of place today. But sadly, COVID did happen, and unfortunately a member of his family, his brother, whom he desperately wanted at his wedding, passed away due to complications with a long-standing illness he had had.

Just when it looked like Kara was not going to budge on anything, the death of Guillermo’s brother really made her think twice about controlling how this event went. We thought that this would probably make or break their relationship and that Guillermo might just up and leave and go back to his home country if she pressed him too hard, and we think Kara got the wake-up call too.

After that, she started acting significantly less rigid with Guillermo and decided to open up the guest list from 4 people to 40, and after that… is when things started getting better between them. You could argue that Kara started drinking a bit more and that could prove to be an issue later, but for now… it looks like Kara and Guillermo are happy… and married. Stay tuned!!!

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