90 Day Fiancé: Controlling Kara Bass is at it again

Kara Bass is doing everything for her wedding, that has been upgraded from her original guest list of four people, to forty people, but she is not letting fiancé Guillermo Rojer help at all, with the exception of maybe getting his vows done and the things that he absolutely has to do, like getting a haircut and his suit fitted, etc.

Kara has taken control of the entire wedding and Guillermo, it seems that he would help but Kara isn’t letting him and it doesn’t look like that’s setting too well with him. Guillermo wants a wedding that he can be involved in and that’s admirable of him it doesn’t seem like Kara actually trusts him to do anything.

90 Day Fiancé: Controlling Kara Bass is at it again

“He doesn’t know where he is.” she said in her confessional, which doesn’t bode well of her faith in Guillermo at all. It does make one wonder though, if she thought that she was going to have to help him this much and basically control everything in the relationship – then why on earth is she with Guillermo anyway?

I mean, we get that he’s pretty, but certainly he must have displayed some sort of aptitude before they got together that made her think, “That’s the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.” aside from “He’s so pretty”. If it’s just the latter, then we worry.

Guillermo doesn’t like the way she’s treating him though, she’s treating him like a child and like he can’t handle any kind of responsibility, when clearly he’s an adult and can. Maybe she’s trying to give him a break because of the death of his brother, but it doesn’t look like it’s going over quite the way she planned it. Guillermo is no longer taking her controlling actions in stride, rather, he’s starting to get rather indignant.

The latest insult was her getting upset over the fact that he didn’t have his vows translated in both English and Spanish yet and she was afraid that they would be “poorly worded”, which Guillermo didn’t like one bit and we can’t blame him for. Kara really needs to start trying to include Guillermo in her wedding, or he may not show up to be the groom. Stay tuned!!!

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