‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Becca Tilley Says Taylor Swift Has Known About Her Relationship with Hayley Kiyoko for Four Years!

The Bachelor’ star Becca Tilley may have only gone public with her relationship with singer, Hayley Kiyoko this week, but her circle of friends have known for quite some time.

Oh, and that includes pop superstar, Taylor Swift.

The duo finally went public after four years of dating after Kiyoko dropped her “For the Girls” music video.

However, back in 2018, Kiyoko performed with Swift during the star’s Reputation Tour. Not only did Tilley fly out to Boston to see her girlfriend perform, she met with Swift and the trio hung out together in the Shake it Off singer’s dressing room, post performance.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Star Becca Tilley Says Taylor Swift Has Known About Her Relationship with Hayley Kiyoko for Four Years!

“When I was thinking about it,” 33 Tilley said during her Scrubbing In podcast, “I was, like, I think that was the first person who knew outside of my friends and family.”

It seems Tay Tay can keep a secret!

Tilley, who made a cameo in Kiyoko’s music video, where Kiyoko portrays the first gay Bachelorette in a hilarious spoof, says she was quite relieved the secret was over. The reality star posted a video montage of her romance with Kiyoko on Instagram after “For the Girls” dropped, with the caption “hard to say if this is a hard or soft launch, but it is a launch.”

She the left a heart and the hashtag #95p, the code name she’d given her then-anonymous partner when discussing on her podcast.

Speaking further about Swift, Tilley claims to” stan forever” and says hanging out and chatting with the 32 songstress “felt like talking to a friend.”

No news yet on if Swift has made any remarks now that the relationship has gone public, but Tilley, who grew emotional when speaking about public reaction to the news, gushed, “I was prepared for anything and everything  [but] I was not prepared for the amount of love and support that we got. Like, I just could have never predicted.”

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