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William And Kate

Prince William And Kate Middleton Totally FED UP Of Meghan Markle-‘No Interest In Playing Nice’

William And Kate

Prince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly fed up with Meghan Markle following Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. 

This was clearly made evident during the course of the celebrations, as the couple had not attended Lilibet’s birthday. In addition, William had reportedly refused to make eye contact with Prince Harry during the course of the ‘ Service of Thanksgiving’ at St Paul’s Cathedral. 

And this animosity was summed up when Mike Tindall had apparently referred to Harry as a ‘b*****d’ at the Platinum Party with Kate in close proximity. With that being said, the couple have no intention of playing things nice. A source said:Kate had no interest in playing nice with Meghan.

William And Kate Fed Up Of Meghan-‘No Interest In Playing Nice’

“And sad as it is, William feels the same. The view is that the Sussexes were lucky to receive any type of goodwill.” If those comments are taken to be true, then William and Kate have to be willing to receive the same treatment.

And with Harry’s tell-all memoir on the horizon, they do risk the possibility of prodding Harry into revealing more information that they would disapprove of. So with both sides at loggerheads, Prince Charles will have a lot on his plate in the event that he takes over the Queen on her death.

In addition, if both sides refuse to compromise, then there is also the possibility that this feud runs into the next generation of Royals, creating a rift between the respective people’s kids. 

Despite those comments referred to above, a certain subset of public opinion on social media indicated that people were not too pleased with William and Kate’s approach. This was on the basis that they were ultimately the face of the monarchy going forward, which is why they should be doing all they can to facilitate a resolution.

One person wrote: “If William is to be King and his Queen is Kate then they must modernize and accept Meghan was an actress but Harry loves her life is short once William is King he can end this nonsense.”

In reality, if William and Kate want something resolving, they are more than capable of doing so. After all, the Royal family has not hesitated in trying to rehabilitate Prince Andrew’s image. So there you have it folks. What did you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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