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'Lonestar 9-1-1' Actor Tyler Sanders Tragically Dies At Just 18

‘Lonestar 9-1-1’ Actor Tyler Sanders Tragically Dies At Just 18

If you were a fan of the show Lonestar 9-1-1, ABC’s “The Rookie”, or Amazon’s offering: “Just Add Magic: Mystery City” then you might recognize Tyler Sanders, who had the starring role on the Amazon series. In a statement released by his agent, Pedro Tapia, on Friday, he confirmed the young actor’s passing saying, “Tyler was a talented actor with a bright future.

He comes from a wonderful family and we ask that you respect their privacy at this time.” sometimes it isn’t a case of a young actor falling into ruin, no day is guaranteed to us and there are such things as tragic accidents and undiagnosed, underlying medical conditions that can take someone unexpectedly.

‘Lonestar 9-1-1’ Actor Tyler Sanders Tragically Dies At Just 18

Look at Cameron Boyce, the Disney star who unexpectedly passed a few years ago. The rumor mill was quick to say it was drugs or suicide, but it was neither. Rather, the young man had epilepsy that he had been dealing with all of his life and just like that a seizure took him in his sleep.

We don’t know what took this young man, currently, his cause of death is still under investigation, but we would venture to say that it sounds like, at least at first glance, he had a lot to live for and at least at first glance it doesn’t seem to make sense that it would be anything short of a tragic accident that took him so suddenly. He wasn’t really in the news, so we can’t really offer any speculation as to what might have happened.

It’s rare these days that child stars come from good, loving, supportive families, but in the case that they do, then that family needs all the understanding that the world can offer. At first glance, it sounds like the family was one of those rare instances where a child star had a stable home life.

Of course, we’ll be keeping our eye out for any information that comes of this case, but for right now, we’ll give the family the benefit of the doubt and offer our condolences, and hope that they find peace. Stay tuned!!!