Jeffrey Epstein Victim Annie Farmer Speaks Out On The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial And Sentencing

As Ghislaine Maxwell is sentenced to 20 years in prison, the trial comes to an end and some of the victims are speaking out. Annie Farmer joined ‘CBS Mornings’ to speak about the verdict and what she thought of Ghislaine. Farmer was surprised that Maxwell spoke during the trial, but doesn’t believe a word she said about being sorry, and personally didn’t accept the apology.

She is glad to hear that Ghislaine will be spending a majority of the rest of her life behind bars though, and sees it as justice for the horrors she committed alongside Jeffrey Epstein.

“Annie Farmer, one of the survivors who testified at the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, joins “CBS Mornings” a day following Maxwell’s sentencing. Farmer says she was 16-years-old when she met Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell, and was groped by them.”

Jeffrey Epstein Victim Annie Farmer Speaks Out On The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial And Sentencing

Maxwell was sentenced for grooming underage children and asked about a possible education for people about that subject, Farmer believes people need to be taught and learn about what grooming is, how to recognize it and report it. Understanding what is and what isn’t grooming is would be a big win in Farmer’s mind. The more information people know, the easier it will be to spot these predators and stop them.

Farmer is now a psychologist and helps others who have endured trauma and she thinks because of her own personal history, it makes her work more meaningful and she can understand where these people are coming from. When asked if it brings up old memories or her own trauma, she just maintained that it was an honor for her to get to that work and see the people she helps continue to get better and be able to cope with their own traumas.

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