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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Mohamed Abdelhamad Does NOT Want a Child With Yvette Arellano If the Baby Is Raised Christian and NOT Muslim!

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Mohamed Abdelhamad hasn’t really endeared himself to the 90 day fandom. In fact he seems to keep doing things that tick them off every week, or at least every time he’s shown on screen.

First it was the whole thing about the bidet and how even though he wanted it installed, he didn’t want fiancé Yve Arellanos in the room with the repairman simply because she is a woman and supposedly in his culture a woman is not supposed to ever be alone with another man that they are not married to. Okay, but he was watching Yve’s special needs son in the next room so it’s not like Yve was truly alone with this repairman, she just happened to be in the same room with him.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Mohamed Abdelhamad doesn’t want his child confused about religion

Then it was his insistence that Yve adhere to Muslim woman standards even though she grew up virtually without religion, it’s not that she’s not open to it because we’ve seen her attend the mosque with him. It’s that she is not familiar with the culture and he is acting like it should be old hat to her or something when that is clearly not the case.

He wanted her to wear a scarf out in public even though Yve has never worn any kind of headcoverings and the headcoverings that a muslim woman would wear simply does not have the same sort of cultural significance to her that they would to someone who had grown up in the faith. We get that he wants to honor his Dad by continuing to practice his faith and that’s fine – but why expect Yve to conform?

On next week’s preview he said something truly worrying though. When Yve confessed that she would like to have another baby, he proceeded to say in his confessional that Yve had grown up with “too much freedom” and he didn’t want his potential son to be “confused about his religion” and said that if Yve didn’t want to raise the child in the Muslim faith then he would prefer not to have a child.

What the rest of the fandom isn’t getting, is why, if his faith was so important to him, he didn’t marry someone from his home country? Or if he was determined to marry an American, then there were several Muslim dating sites to choose from where you could put in your different requirements and come up with someone who was at the very least, way more compatible than he and Yve.

Is he attempting to do the muslim equivalent of missionary work by dating Yve? Because it seems that his ultimate goal is to get her to convert to his religion and standards, he doesn’t really seem to care about the actual relationship all that much. Is there some sort of reward for winning converts? I mean… some in the Christian religion feel that way, so why couldn’t other religions feel that way too? Just food for thought. Stay tuned!!!