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’90 Day Fiancé’: Deavan Clegg Accused of Exploiting Son Taeyang’s Leukemia Condition To Profit Financially

A question in the fandom has come up recently, as Deavan Clegg posted about her young son, Taeyang, being diagnosed with Luekemia. She has set up a go fund me, which is not uncommon for anyone nowadays with a medical condition.

Lots of people in the US have resorted to medical gofundmes to fund surgeries and treatments and the like, it’s not just for people who want to fund film projects and big home repairs and the like, it’s for everyday people who need medical procedures as well. Now, we’re not ragging on Deavan for setting up a gofundme to pay for little Taeyang’s treatments, that’s not the issue and we wish him well in his battle.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Is Deavan Clegg exploiting her son’s condition?

However some people in the fandom are a little uncomfortable with the idea of her selling T-shirts with Taeyang’s name on them, the t-shirts say “I stand with Taeyang” and while it’s a good idea in theory it’s just a bit… questionable.

One commenter even said, “How would I even explain this?” someone even said that maybe she should sell merch that says, “It’s Jihoon’s fault” which honestly people would buy but then she might have to give Jihoon a cut of that money, so that’s probably why she’s not doing that, considering she just got free of him.

Some might ask, what happened to Deavan’s OnlyFans? Well, it would seem that unlike some creators on OnlyFans that didn’t work out too well for Devan, she tried doing OnlyFans but it didn’t work. Also, on the GoFundMe Page it says that due to Deavan being Taeyang’s full-time caregiver now and not just his loving Mom, that she will be unable to continue her line of work.

People in the fandom are kind of wondering what she did for a living because according to a lot of sources, she was actually back living with her Mom. We know that Topher has a legit job, or at least he had one, but the only information that we have about that is pre-pandemic and since 2020 the industry that he’s in (acting, photography) has changed a good deal, so he could have change positions as well.

So is Deavan using her son’s illness as an excuse to get money out of people? Honestly, we hope not. Stay tuned!!!