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MAN sets himself on fire supreme court

Update As Colorado Man Wynn Bruce Set Himself on Fire In Washington, DC

There is a lot of action that happens in Washington D.C. and it is pretty tough to keep an eye on all of it. Just recently a Boulder, Colorado man, Wynn Bruce, decided that he would add to the action of D.C. He ended up dying after he set himself on fire in front of the Supreme Court building at around 6 p.m. He had to be airlifted to the hospital, but when he arrived, he did die.

True Crime: What Happened?

The U.S. Capitol Police reported that a helicopter had just landed near the Capitol for what was seen as a “medical emergency.” That was at 6:45 p.m. and then at 7 p.m. they confirmed that the helicopter was heading to the hospital with the patient. There were first responders on the ground at the hospital waiting to take in Bruce and care for his injuries. There was no one else injured in this incident and the police told passersby that it was “not a public safety issue.”

True Crime: Colorado Man Sets Himself on Fire

There were multiple tweets from all over Washington D.C. with rumors about what happened and why the man set himself on fire. Was it merely for attention or was there something else going on with this man? Why was he at the Supreme Court building? Was there something happening there that he needed to get worked out and this was the plea?

Did Bruce have any mental health issues or was this a fluke? There are so many unanswered questions and some tweets even mentioned that there was also some heavy gunfire in that area on the same day. Could this have had something to do with it?

The Supreme Court has not offered any other information on the man other than this incident. Some tweets mention that he was not from D.C. and he could have just been on vacation and had a mental break. The witnesses were terrified and there have been some that have gone to the police, but others just wanted to get away from the scene of his death.

We will continue to monitor this case and once we find out any other information, we will be sure to report it here. There are Twitters accounts that you can follow in D.C. that shared their thoughts on what happened. The Capitol Police Department was very active at the time of the incident and should have more information there as the case progresses.

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