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Tom Selleck Admits he Was “Scared to Death” to Guest Star on Friends

Tom Selleck was one of the biggest stars of the 80’s starring as Magnum P.I. on television, as well as ruling the big screen in blockbusters like Three Men and a Baby and Her Alibi. However, an impressive resume doesn’t mean his guest role on arguably the biggest hit of the 90’s, Friends, didn’t loom as intimidating for the seasoned actor.

During an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, the now 77-year-old actor dished all about his time guest starring as the older boyfriend of Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), ophthalmologist, Dr. Richard Burke.

Tom Selleck Admits he Was “Scared to Death” to Guest Star on Friends.

Selleck was speaking with Clarkson about the difficulties that come with guest starring an a popular series and spoke of how he does his utmost to make guest stars feel at ease when acting with him on his CBS show, Blue Bloods.

“I try to relax the new actors because that’s really hard, to come on a show where everybody’s up to speed. It’s like when I did ‘Friends’,” he said. “They were up to speed.”

As Clarkson fan-girled over Selleck’s Friends role, the veteran actor revealed that he was incredibly nervous to appear on the show.

“I was scared to death,” he said. “I had done ‘Taxi’ a long time before, but I hadn’t done a sitcom. And so, I was really nervous. Courteney helped a lot. Courteney’s a big help. But that group’s an incredible group of friends. They obviously became friends in life as well as on the show. And it shows. It was a wonderful place to work.”

It’s safe to safe Selleck’s fears were unfounded. From the moment Selleck (and Richard) was introduced on the show, the studio audience were so excited that the actor often received a standing ovation, the cheers and clapping often forcing the shot to be re-filmed after the audience left so that they could have a scene that they could use.

Originally only supposed to appear in three episodes, Selleck and his character proved so popular that he ended up guest starring in nine during season 2 and 3, then reappearing in season 6. 

It’s nice to know Selleck has taken the lessons he learned on the inclusive Friends set and brought them with him. Keep paying it forward, Blue Bloods cast!

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