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love after lockup chazz and branwin

Love After Lockup: Chazz and Branwin Update

Fans of Love After Lockup are very excited to see some of their favorite cast members finally getting to see one another face to face. One of these couples is Chazz and Branwin. Chazz has waited for so long to finally be with Branwin and now that she is getting out of prison, he feels like his whole life is turning in a new direction. He is pretty nervous about what the relationship with her will be like, but he is pretty confident that everything will work out for them.

Love After Lockup: Chazz’s Nerves

Chazz has been talking to Branwin on the phone quite a bit and really getting to know her that way. He is nervous about everything that is about to happen between the two of them though. While he is waiting for her outside of the prison to be released, he has so much going through his mind and he sees some parents going in to meet with their daughter. He tells them that he is going to marry Branwin that day!

Love After Lockup: Chazz and Branwin

When a car pulls up, Chazz notices that it is Branwin’s friend, Jessica. They both were in prison together and not only did she bring her daughter, but she also brought Branwin’s ex, Aaron. This was a shock to Chass and he was very confused about why Aaron was there. He tells cameras, “This is the same jerk who took away two years of Branwin’s life because he was a greedy a*****e.”

Chazz met Branwin online through a site called Paper Dolls. The site is where inmates can post and find a relationship with many men and women. At first, Chazz thought that Branwin was catfishing him, but they were able to do a video call and he realized that she was who she said she was. They have actually only seen each other once and it was during this call.

Chazz wants nothing more than to be with Branwin and this may take a turn for the worst. Will Chazz stand his ground with Aaron or will Branwin go with him instead of Chazz? How will she react when she sees Aaron there? This does have the chance of being a complete disaster and we will have to wait and see if it all comes crashing down.

We will have to watch and see what happens next on Love After Lockup. The new episodes air on Friday nights at 9 p.m. EST on WEtv.

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