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case of the missing boy in a suitcase

Case of the Missing Boy in the Suitcase, Mushroom Hunters’ Terrifying Discovery In Indiana

Mushroom Hunters in Indiana made a terrifying discovery off of Holder Road in Washington County in Indiana when they discovered a distinctive blue suitcase with the Las Vegas, NV logo on it. You know the logo we’re talking about, blue background and it’s on a marquis sign? It shows up on most postcards from Las Vegas.

That was the pattern on the suitcase. Inside they discovered the body of a young 5-8 year old  black boy (however police are confident that he is 5), who had short hair and a slim build. As of yet Police have not released any kind of composite sketch of the child but one thing is certain to them, he could be from anywhere.

Case of the Missing Boy in the suitcase

The Indiana Police have broadened their search because they have canvassed all the missing kids in the area and have come up empty handed because no missing children currently from Indiana match the description of the little boy in question. One wonders how a child so young could have gotten so far away so fast, obviously it wasn’t his choice to be traveling with whomever had him for his last journey.

Currently the police have not released a cause of death either or an estimation of how long the young boy may have been missing. It’s just the suitcase that was distinctive because it looks exactly like those Las Vegas postcards that you can buy.

The Police have set up a tip line, the number is 1-888-437-6432. The boy was found close to 7629 E Holder Rd in New Pekin, Indiana. As of right now th police have no clue who he is because no one has gone missing in the area that matches his description.

The Police need to know if anyone in the area has seen this distinctive blue suitcase and a five year old boy that matches this description, who he is or perhaps who he was traveling with would be helpful. Even if the suitcase was just spotted with a completely different person it might actually help the case to know who that person is.

Indiana Police are currently trying to get the identity of the child, any help would be appreciated. We are DSD will stay on top of this case. Stay tuned!!!