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Actor Brian Cox Thinks Cancel Culture Is 'Total Fascism'

Actor Brian Cox Thinks Cancel Culture Is ‘Total Fascism’

Actor Brian Cox, the man who was William Stryker in ‘X2’, stars in ‘Succession’, and has portrayed Hannibal Lector joined Piers Morgan and spoke about cancel culture and what he thinks about. Turns out, in his old age, he could give a crap about filtering himself and says what he wants.

Cox has been a phenomenal actor and it was very interesting to see him join Piers and speak about this subject. Several fans in the comments tended to agree with him, and he compared cancel culture to a form of ‘McCarthyism’ and that it is complete fascism.

“Mr Cox described cancel culture as a “form of McCarthyism” before agreeing with Sky News host Piers Morgan that it is “total fascism”.”

Actor Brian Cox Thinks Cancel Culture Is ‘Total Fascism’

Cox didn’t hold back and called out everyone acting outrageous and the hypocrisy is running wild. There’s nothing liberal about it they said, and rather a complete form of fascism. Piers and Cox went back for over 10 minutes and spoke about how ridiculous cancel culture is and everyone who self censors themselves.

Viewers reacted to the moment saying, “Everything has become sheer lunacy. Men can become women according to Brandon’s “Ministry of Truth”. 🤪”, “I now love succession even more.”, and “The problem we have with people who seek to cancel others because they disagree with a particular opinion, is that others out here can’t work out whether it’s their stupidity that creates their arrogance, or it’s their arrogance that drives their stupidity!!”

We’re continuing to see more and more celebrities come out against cancel culture and thank goodness, because we cannot keep living like this.

What do you think? Do you agree with Brian and Piers and is this cancel culture a ‘virus’ and what’s the answer to solving this issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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