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Ex Sister-In-Law Claims Jamie Lynn Spears’ Book Is Full Of Lies

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Former Zoey 101 Co-Star, Alexa Nikolas Slams Jamie Lynn and New Memoir


 Jamie Lynn Spears has been on the receiving end of plenty of hate over her new memoir, Things I Should Have Said and subsequent interview with Juju Chang on Good Morning America.

First Britney Spears came out swinging at her sister and shortly after, the Britney Army- Brit’s loyal and vocal fanbase- also ganged up on the youngest Spear sister.

Now, piling on is Jamie Lynn’s former Zoey 101 co-star Alexa Nikolas, who has branded Jamie Lynn a ‘bully’ who is ‘lying up a storm’ in her new memoir.

Not long after Britney posted to social media, slamming her little sis for ‘selling a book at her expense’, Alexa took to Instagram to eviscerate her former Nickelodeon co-star, tagging Jamie Lynn as she wrote “forget all your crocodile tears and unfollow me. Ooh-ooh-ooh”

The four part post ripped Jamie Lynn and her memoir apart, starting with an accusation that Jamie Lynn’s public apology to Alexa—for not being particularly nice to her during their days on set—was all for show.

Alexa claimed to be surprised to see Jamie Lynn “lying up a storm in [the book]” and spoke of how she has done her best to distance herself from her “toxic” ex-co-star, declining to be in the Zoey 101 music video or to accept a gift Jamie Lynn recently offered.

She went on to call Jamie Lynn a gas lighter, a bully and that “it’s sad to see someone not change after all these years.” Alexa then accused Jamie Lynn of being an out-and-out liar, claiming anything she penned in the memoir about Alexa was categorically untrue.

The final part of her post explained how she wished she could go back in time and tell her 12 year old self that she was actually lucky she wasn’t friends with Jamie-Lynn while the two acted together. Alexa signed off with a huge dig saying she has now given her side of the story—for free.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of love coming Jamie Lynn’s way.