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April (Late) Fools! - Doja Cat Not Quitting Music After All?

April (Late) Fools! – Doja Cat Not Quitting Music After All?

It seems that Doja Cat’s previous proclamation that she is quitting music is kind of up in the air, still, even after her most recent TikTok live. The live was rife with questions about her quitting music, all of which Doja Cat blatantly ignored.

She didn’t really seem to want to do anything except her make-up, which, by the way, she said that the product that she uses on her face is made by NARS in case anyone is wondering.

April (Late) Fools! – Doja Cat Not Quitting Music After All?

She kept scream-singing in the live, we all know the girl can sing but she was deliberately not trying to sing at all during the live. She complained about the stringent content on TikTok lives too, because apparently you can’t vape on live and she likes to do that.

Someone in life told her to stop doing blows to which Doja Cat responded, “Why would I do that? There are children watching.” but you could tell that was meant as sarcastically as possible.

Seems like Doja Cat would be a lot happier if Tiktok instated an age limit in their live function, honestly it would help content creators on the app that do cater to more mature audiences and we’re not exactly talking adult content just topics that could be potentially trigger-y because TikTok is famous for censoring educational things and labeling them as ‘hate speech’ and ‘bullying’ when a video is simply being used to educate the masses and is not actually hate speech or bullying, it may just mention the words. (Also the strikes against a creator’s account are permanent.)

Doja Cat lamented the fact that she broke a fancy, designer stool while on live. It literally came apart and she was very upset about it because she said after that she did not have anywhere to sit and didn’t feel like bringing down a stool from upstairs in her house.

It would seem that she does lives in the basement and that she has to go up two flights of stairs in order to bring down any furniture – yike, we feel you Doja! Either way, as for Doja Cat quitting music… according to one commenter in the live she had addressed it in the beginning of the live by saying “April Fool” but we at DSD did not see this proclamation. So we’ll see. Stay tuned!!!