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90 Day Fiance Diaries: Special Ukraine Episode With Natalie Mordovtseva, Maria Divine and Yara Zayha

There is a special event coming to the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, 90 Day Diaries: Ukraine. This special will show stories from the war in Ukraine and it will be filmed from the perspective of the cast members of 90 Day Fiancé that are from Ukraine.

There are three cast members from Ukraine that include Yara Zaya, Maria Divine, and Natalie Mordovtseva. They will be on the show expressing how they feel about the war and we will get some of the emotions that they are feeling as well.

90 Day Diaries: What Is It About?

This special presentation airs on TLC and DIacovery+ and will continue to stream on Discovery+. In the trailer, we can see just how upset these cast members are through their own eyes. These Ukrainian cast members will show just how they are feeling about the war that is going on in Ukraine right now. They are at war with Russia and it has been heartbreaking to see these women on social media asking for prayers and good energy for their friends and family.

90 Day Diaries: Special Ukraine Episode

The cast members will give their own accounts of what is happening in Ukraine and they will update their fans on how they are handling the conflict right now. This is an incredibly difficult time for all of them and as things start getting worse, these cast members beg their fans to see things through their eyes.

Yara tells the cameras, “Russia is attacking us right now. It’s just insane.” Then Natalie is seen on a video call with her mom. Her mother says to her, “They were shooting from all the sides.”

Natalie has moved to Florida and she feels helpless because she can’t do anything for her family. She tells her mother, “Forgive me, mommy.” She really wants to go to Ukraine to see her mother and she isn’t exactly sure when it will be. Yara is in the same situation because she wants her mother to meet her daughter for the first time.

Maria is living in Ukraine right now and she told the cameras, “I can hear explosions. I am not excited to go or to stay here. You don’t know what can happen tomorrow.”

Make sure that you tune in on April 18 at 9 p.m. EST on TLC to see what is happening in Ukraine and with these cast members. Our hearts go out to all of them in such a tough time.

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