‘The Bachelorette’ Alum Connor B. Takes Aim At Reality Steve And ‘F*cking Jackal’ BachNation Fans

The Bachelorette’ alum Connor Brennan, aka Connor B. has lashed out after a wild rumor had Bachelor Nation weighing in…and being a “little unkind” to the ukulele playing, kitty cat impersonating high school math teacher.

Okay, they were being out and out “f*cking jackals” according to the Bachelorette alum.

So, what spurred the mild-mannered mathlete to become so potty-mouthed? Two words: Reality Steve.

Shortly after it was announced that two Bachelorettes will be helming the upcoming season 19 of the Bachelorette, professional TV spoiler, Reality Steve announced that Katie Thurston’s season 17 contestant, Connor B. has been recast to pursue Gabby Windey and/or Rachel Recchia.

‘The Bachelorette’ Alum Connor B. Takes Aim At Reality Steve And ‘F*cking Jackal’ BachNation Fans

Connor B. was quick to squelch the fake news, tweeting, “News to me, lmao.” with a laughing emoji. But his denial wasn’t quick enough.

Bachelor Nation had already begun to weigh in after taking Reality Steve’s announcement as gospel, and Connor B.’s alleged return did NOT go over well.

Only hours after his good-natured rebuttal, the 30-year-old returned to Twitter, full rant mode activated as he called out Bachelor Nation for their negative comments that came from the blogger’s (apparently incorrect) post.

“Reality Steve drops a duma$$ rumor that I’m going back on Bachelorette and suddenly I’m flooded with the meanest things anyone has ever said about me,” he wrote. “A great reminder why I wouldn’t go back on the show.”

This was followed up with, “We get it; I’m cringy and annoying and desperate for attention and I give you the ‘ick’. Thanks for reminding me. Now STFU and go do something nice for someone you f*cking jackals.”

Yes, I cleaned up the language AND the punctuation. Let’s be glad he’s a math teacher, not an English teacher (oops, my jackal is showing).

However, he still hadn’t got it all out, further defending that his intentions when appearing on the show were pure and he didn’t appear on either The Bachelorette or Bachelor In Paradise “for clout or followers or attention or a music career.”

After 4 or 5 ranty raves he still wasn’t done typing, but we were done reading.

So, what do you think, reckon we’ll see Connor back on the Bachelor franchise anytime soon?

Yeah, probably.

The double-header Bachelorette season 19 starts July 11 on ABC.

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