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Sister Wives: Paedon Brown Admits To Assaulting His Sister Gwen Brown

Sister Wives: Paedon Brown Admits To Assaulting His Sister Gwen Brown

In the world of the Sister Wives, Paedon Brown has started to talk more about his past and the horrible things that he has done. One thing that he just admitted to was physically assaulting his sister, Gwen Brown. He decided to go on TikTok Live to tell his family, friends, and fans what happened and there were plenty of shocks, for sure!

Sister Wives: What Happened

Paedon posted on Tuesday and shared a TikTok Live about his past. He began, “Many years ago, I messed up. I hit Gwen. I slapped Gwen after some words were exchanged, and I took it too far and I slapped her. And she thinks that I might do it again, and she’s scared of me, which is OK. I’m not gonna argue with her. I’m not gonna fight on that.” Paedon also told his fans that his mother, Christine Brown is aware of the assault.

Sister Wives: Paedon Brown Assaulted Sister

He went on to say, “Mom is trying to help her. Mom knows I would never hurt her again. I know I would never, but it hurts me thinking that my sister thinks I want to hurt her. I don’t. I don’t want to hurt my sister. But she thinks I do, and I’m going to wait until she feels OK to talk to me, to talk to her.” He mentioned that it is his goal now to make sure that “she feels safe around me.”

Gwen has yet to reply to any of this or the press since the video went out. Christine has yet to add a statement about his comments. Paedon did open up more a few weeks ago about his relationship with his father, Kody Brown. He told his fans that he was moving further away from his father and his plural family. He feels like his father has a much stronger relationship with his other siblings and said, “It’s what it is. I don’t live there… So, of course, I’m not nearly as close with him as they are.” He also made it a point to say that he only sees his mother once a month, if that.

There seems to be more and more drama growing with the Brown family and this new video of his really shocked everyone. We will keep an eye on his social media accounts, along with Gwen’s to see if she makes a statement about the truth that he has just shared.


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