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Ethan Klein fears for his life

In a recent episode of Jeff Wittek’s podcast, Jeff FM, Jeff joked about some things that weren’t such a laughing matter to Ethan Klein, and Tana Mongeau, who is notoriously as self-aware as a gnat, also even joined in. This was something that Ethan himself roasted on his own H3H3 podcast, but during the Jeff FM podcast we got a look at some real tea, and none of it is good.

First off, Ethan’s co-host keeps saying that Jeff keeps lying about the initial interaction between his friend Cody and Ethan. When Cody initially showed up at Ethan’s house the first time, Ethan had not actually made any jokes about Cody, he had just made jokes about Jeff.

Then Cody shows up the first time.

After Cody showed up the first time and after that one incident in the video with Jeff where Ethan made fun of the guy, that is when Cody showed up at his house a second time and started making threats of harm toward Ethan and his family, causing him to have to file a police report.

Ethan Klein fears for his life

The scary thing about that is, Cody has spent a lot of time in prison, so while initially it was thought that Jeff couldn’t control what his friend did, it was also revealed that Cody lied not once, but twice, to get into Ethan’s gated community and used a Fake ID to do so.

Which is just scary and creepy if you think about it, that means he had to go through the trouble of doing that not once, but twice, and it didn’t bother him to do so.

Then, Tana spilled the real tea when she said to Jeff, “I thought you said that instead of putting a hit out on Ethan, you were just going to send your friend to scare him.” yes, that’s right folks, Tana Mongeau said that Jeff Wittek allegedly mentioned putting a hit out on Ethan Klein.

Ethan said that originally he was team Jeff and wanted him to win in the potential lawsuit against David Dobrik and he can’t figure out why Jeff hates him so much. Honestly, neither can we, unless it was some old vlog squad beef from years ago. Either way… it doesn’t really look good that Jeff would be joking about putting a hit out on a man who just had a newborn baby… stay tuned!!!