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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Olga Koshimbetov finally opens up about family trauma

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that some of you fans who have been here since day 1 will remember Olga Koshimbetova and Steven Frend’s romance. It was all fun and games until Olga got pregnant and then things turned more serious and they got married.

Recently on her instagram however, Olga opened up about a past family trauma that no one would have suspected – at least not unless you were a native of her homeland, Russia. News like this doesn’t travel to the US unless it happens to a very public, international figure, or unless someone talks about it, and Olga has chosen to talk about it.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Olga Koshimbetova finally opens up about family trauma

It seems that when Olga was 13, they moved from her original homeland of Kyrzyrgstan to Russia, and that is when her Mother’s mental problems reached their peak.

She says in the post that while she didn’t want to get into detail, basically her older sister died because of her family and that basically her parents were not mentally prepared for the big move and that is part of what caused them both to go insane and kill her sister. However, one reddit comment explained the situation, all of the dark details, and they were not pretty at all.

When Olga was 13, she had an older sister, whom we can only assume was married at some point prior and had children. Olga does tell in the post that her Mother had a mental problem that no one knew about and that it got worse, well, one day it all came to a head and the two parents were convinced that their older daughter was in love with Satan, whom they actually believed to be their son-in-law, and needed an exorcism – so they disemboweled her and then proceeded to stomp her to death.

It was up to then 13 year old Olga to get her sister’s children out of the house, and call for help – that’s when she was sent to live in a children’s shelter for 6 months until her Aunt could fill out the proper paperwork for her to come and live with her.

Of her family, Olga says that she wrote them every day while they were in the mental hospital, and also said that if they had both been mentally healthy at the time, this would never have happened because “they love us”.

She says she still loves them… a true picture of grace. While Olga didn’t elaborate on where her parents were now, it would seem that they are still institutionalized.

At the trial they didn’t seem to know why they were even there, “Why send me to a madhouse?” said her Mother, “I feel fine!” it seems that Olga made this post to draw attention to mental health, and how important it is. Olga ended up naming her young son after her late sister, Alex, we wish nothing but the best for them. Stay tuned!!!

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