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How Ellen DeGeneres Dashed Chrishell Stause’s Bachelorette Dreams

How Ellen DeGeneres Dashed Chrishell Stause’s Bachelorette Dreams

She may be Selling Sunset now, but ex soap star, Chrishell Stause was once set to be giving away roses for free as the lead of the fourth season of ABC’s Bachelorette. That is until Ellen DeGeneres got involved!

The 40 year recently published a memoir “Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Took a Little Work” and in it she details how she ABC was all set to announce her as The Bachelorette when Deanna Papas appeared on Ellen Degeneres’ afternoon talk show.

Deanna was fresh off the eleventh season of the Bachelor where she and Jenni Croft were both rejected by Bachelor, Brad Womack.

How Ellen DeGeneres Dashed Chrishell Stause’s Bachelorette Dreams

According to Chrishell, all it took was for Ellen to suggest that Deanna get her ‘moment’ and become the next Bachelorette for it to set the switch in motion.

“DeAnna Pappas went on ‘Ellen’ and talked about getting rejected by Brad, and Ellen declared that DeAnna should be the next ‘Bachelorette,'” Stause wrote. “Fans rallied around, the network listened, and my announcement was pulled. I never got the chance to hand out that fateful rose. I was in my mid-twenties at the time, and I was definitely bummed.”

The Bachelor and Bachelorette executive producer Robert Mills corroborated Chrishell’s story when speaking with another Bachelor Nation alum, Nick Viall on his podcast, The Viall Files.

Robert remembered having a ‘business’ lunch with Chrishell, after a casting director had gushed about how amazing the young actress was.

“We had this incredible lunch, I think it was at the Beverly Hills Hotel and just, [Chrishell] was awesome,” Robert recalled, “I was convinced, I’m like, this is the Bachelorette.”

The plans, of course, changed.

“I remember Ellen DeGeneres actually calling the president of ABC at the time, saying, ‘This woman needs to be the Bachelorette,” Robert continued, “This was before we even said we were going to do a ‘Bachelorette.’ At that point, it was like, how do we not do that?”

Apparently they couldn’t “not do that” and Deanna did helm the fourth Bachelorette season, ultimately choosing to give her final rose to Jesse Csincsak. While that relationship didn’t work, both Deanna and Jesse ended up marrying into the Bachelor family.

Deanna is now happily married to Stephen Stagliano, the twin brother of season 5 Bachelorette contestant Michael Staglinano. The pair have two kids.

Jesse met Ann Lueders who appeared on season 13 of the Bachelor at an alumni event. They are now married with 3 kids.

As for Chrishelle, she soon met fellow soap star, Justin Hartley and they got hitched too. Unfortunately that didn’t work out. While Justin is now remarried, Chrishell is single and ready to mingle.

Bachelorette season 19, perhaps?

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